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ŞUMEN/BULGARIA 2015:  Bursa Mehter Team which participated to activities ‘The Fourth Koca Yusuf Grease Wrestling Festival’ and ‘Opening Ceremony of Koca Yusuf Museum’ in Karalar Village of Şumnu, Bulgaria where Koca Yusuf the World Wrestler was born, drew intense interest. The guests came from Turkey and the cognates who accompanied the Mehter songs such as Buna Er Meydanı Derler, Osmanpaşa, Gençosman and Türkiyem in Grease Wrestling Festival held in Karalar Village on the 6th September. Members of Bursa Mehter Team had commemorated with prayers as visiting ‘Tombul Mosque in Şumnu’ which is the second biggest mosque after ‘Selimiye Mosque in Edirne’ built by Ottoman.