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Bursa Mehter Team that participated to the 4 International Traditional Carob (locust) Festival on 21-23 September 2009 in Cyprus organized by Tatlısu Municipality and gave concerts in various cities in Cyprus returned to the homeland. Thousand of people who watched the Mehter’s concert were nearly charmed on the festival opened by the TRNC Prime Minister Dervis Eroglu after the cortege Mehter Team carried the banner. At the end of concert Mayor of Tatlısu Mr Hayri ORÇAN gave plaque to Head of Mehter Team Mr. Celaleddin ALTUNTAŞ. The next day, Cypriots who participated to the event organized by İskele Municipality on the Ecevit Square, nearly effervesced with the marches of Mehter Team. Mayor of İskele Mr. Halil İbrahim ORUN thanked and presented various gifts to Mehter Team.. On the third and last day, Bursa Mehter Team got a great performance on the show in Güvercinlik and Beyarmudu. Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture Mr. Hamza Ersan Saner, also attended to the show. Mehter Team’s show was admired by those who fallowed and was a standing ovation for several minutes at the end of the concert. Mayor of Beyarmudu Mr. İlker EDİP thanked and presented a memorial plaque to the Chairman of Bursa Mehter Team Mr. Mesut ÖZKESER. The members of Mehter Team who are highly satisfied with the interest and love of the people of Cyprus prayed for our martyres who lost their lives in 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, visiting Karaoğlanoğlu Martyrdom in Girne.