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Bursa Mehter Team which participated to Military Band Festival held in Ville La Grand where is located in The Alps foot ,next to the Switzerland borders of France and on the dates 20 – 21 September 2014 came back to homeland as capturing hearts again. Bursa Mehter Team represented Turkey and the Military Bands from Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Italy and France participated to the Festival held for seven times in this year. Bursa Mehter Team which performed National Song during opening ceremony was applauded by Frenches as well as Turks. Bursa Mehter Team drawn intereste in France with different costumesand walking style, affecting music, imposing looking was spotlighted by foreign press when it was the first band which was great applauded. Mehterans who made road trip had taken photos the sights such as Belgrade, Ljubljana, Venice, Milano, Geneve, Dubrovnic, Kavala and Komotini as visiting the countries on the route such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia , Crotia, Italy, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece. In the last days of Festival, the Committe and Raymond BARDET, Mayor of Ville La Grand already now invited to next festival as presenting plague to Mesut Özkeser.