Mehterhane of Bursa

The Mehter Team of Bursa was built Bursa 's conguest in 1326 and was closed janissary's closing in 1826.

Mehter has important duties for 500 years especially at the time of Istanbul 's conquest.

The presiclent of war veteran society, established Bursa Mehter Team in 1963 but it had closed in ashort time because of some disorders

BUR-HOY ( Bursa Industy and businessmen society) established Bursa Mehter Team an folk dans society in 1991 in Bursa . Their firs duty was at rebublic celebration in 1992..

Today, Mehter is getting too Evo many invitation from everywhere and it is selecting the best ones to take part in.The enemy has tried to attack to Mehter at first.

Europe people undestood the influence of Mehter and accepted it as model. They have tried to establish similer teams.The most famous musicians have used the instruments of Mehter in their orchestras. Some important musicians have been influenced from Mehter's melody like Mozert, Beethoven, Gluk.Mehter reminds us the historical epics. Our first aim is to keep alive Mehter's melody and move to teh next generations.

Performances at Bursa Mehterhanesi is being holded by Sezgin Kırmızıgül,Mehterbaşı Ali Güler, Nurettin Göçmenand Ruşen Tutar with
Emir-i Alem Rüştü Bayraktar , Mehmet İçer ve Kemal Başan is done by.