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The Sicilian island of the Italy invited the Mehter Team to the oldest Agrigento Festival. The Mehter Team and Sword-Shield Team joined to the festival between 06-11 February 2007. They represented the Turkish culture , history and Bursa city successfuly than turned back to home. This year 18 folklor and music groups joined to the Agrigento Festival from different places of the world. This was of the Almond Trees and International Folklor Festival.The Italian people interested in Bursa Mehter Team and liked their special walking , active marches and different costumes. The Team went to Italy by highway and they took out walking to the most important Ottoman cities Selanik , Yanya , Komotoni Greece.They took pictures at Ataturk’s house , too.The President of the team Mr Mesut OZKESER gave thanks to The President for the Assignment a bus to take team to Italy and join the festival together.